Diplomatic Flagship Store
by estudio DIIR

Transforming 20 sq.m. into a shoe store where care for design is its strong flagship, became the primary challenge of this project. estudio DIIR focused on reaching an elegant space whose main characteristic is the search for simplicity and uniqueness.

estudio DIIR is an architectural firm based in Madrid and founded in 2018 by four young architects: David Meana, Íñigo Palazón, Ignacio Navarro and Ricardo Fernández.

The passion for materials shows a delicate sensitivity in the resolution of each detail, a fact easily observable on each of its walls. The space is defined by three areas, which are designed with the utmost delicacy, each one receiving its particular function.

The first one, dedicated to the product exhibition, is completely covered in stone. The cold and neutral character of stone and steel gives prominence to the product, which, bathed in light strips, acquires a special aura.

Thin sheets of steel arise from the stone sores, and generate continuous shelves on which shoes are shown.

The conceptual clarity of this detail pursues simplicity by highlighting the value of the shoe above any distraction.

On the other hand, the opposite wall takes on a radically different character. Wood becomes the main material, and based on that, a piece of furniture is designed.

This element fulfills various functions and becomes a fundamental part of the project. It is a bench, a counter space, and a a storage space.

To this end, it is covered in leather as an armchair and allows the user to comfortably try on the shoes.

This is formed by means of a solid terrazzo block that limits the sales space.

Enabling various drawers and shelves to store shoes.

Lastly, the side directly facing the entrance is covered in a mirror, emphasising the sensation of depth and delimiting a generous space for shoe testing.

Authors estudio DIIR
Location Madrid, Spain
Year 2019
Client Diplomatic
Surface 20 sqm
Photography Amores Pictures

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