Ecologies for other architectures
by Itinerant Office

Ecologies for Other Architectures is an exhibition at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, that brought together 7 emerging international architects, who built and narrated 7 scenarios, or ecologies for an architecture yet to be built.

With Metaverse Syntax: An Ecology of Virtual Worlds, Lucia Tahan (UK) critically presented an emerging formal language of the Metaverse

Material Transformation: soil cycles, by aparicio/eeraerts (BE) aimed to visualise and interrelate the material of soil with tradition and architecture, as well as the role earth’s natural cycles play in the ongoing climate crisis.

Through an AR filter, the elements of a pillar were augmented and visible in virtual space, filling the room with their loud, attention-seeking presence. The aim was making the vast information of the metaverse visible.

The piece narrated fragments of the science behind climate change through a more personal visual approach and methodology, opening different perspectives and questions in relation to the Anthropocene and old traditions of appropriating earth

Reconfiguring the relationships that we humans establish with our environments is key to the idea of planetarity. Architecture must take on new challenges in reaction to the changes that urban environments and territories are undergoing

A project by: Itinerant Office within the agenda of New Generations
Curated by: Gianpiero Venturini 
Curatorial support: Pablo Ibañez Ferrera
Year: October 2022
Editing and proofreading: Akshid Rajendran
Hosted by: La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain
With the kind support of the Austrian Forum of Culture in Madrid and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Spain
Photography © La Casa Encendida/ Arturo Laso Merino, Miguel Galiano, Asier Rua, Jose Hevia, aparicio/eeraerts


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