Element Pools

Elements Camping Selce is a long-term phased project that involves the revitalisation of an existing camping area.

The first part of the masterplan was the design and construction of a pool complex.

Camping sites in Croatia are an extremely popular and affordable accommodation option during the summer months for long-term stays.

Once a year during the summer, many families and friends head to their coastal pilgrimage.

Located at the center of the camping site, with the collective summer memory in mind, the pool complex was designed as more than a beach.

Despite being very close to the sea, the pool is meant to complement the experience of going to the beach.

The pool complex includes three pools and integrates various features that push the concept of what a pool can be.

The pools include beach-like entries, built-in benches, a water window, several water-toys, two cave-like spaces, and waterfalls, and soon to be added water slides and kiosks.

The two main pools are split into two levels in order to adapt to the sloping topography of the site. A third and smaller one-level pool is designed for younger toddlers.

The top pool works as an infinity pool which cascades into the lower pool.

The large scale of the bio-design pool tested the limits of the bio-design technology and the infrastructure required for the pool.

The pool base is a layering of insulation and waterproofing that sits directly onto compacted soil.

The scale of the pool required a long building that houses the technical equipment for the water filtration and recirculation.

All three pools are roughly 686 sqm

The long building is supported by long walls running parallel to the main access road which serve as retention walls. There is no visible drain since the water permeates through the material.

Authors ARHIV
Location Selce, Croatia
Year 2019-2020
Surface 8000 sqm
Client Jadran d.d.
Collaborators BAZ projekt d.o.o. (pool technical consultant),
Api Italia S.r.l. (bio-design pool consultant), Wiegand water rides Gmbh.
(water slides consultant), FLAMIT d.o.o. (fire protection), UOIG Luka
Prosenica (geodetics), TIMING d.o.o. (mechanical engineer), Gilan d.o.o.
(electrical engineer), Eltor d.o.o. and Lumaenergy d.o.o. (lighting design),
EL3D d.o.o. (plumbing engineer), Gasto-tim d.o.o. (kitchen consultant),
Konstrukta d.o.o. (structural engineer), Mak vrtovi d.o.o. (landscape)
Photography Courtesy of ARHIV

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