Evergreen School
by CAUKIN Studio

Working in partnership with the charity Mothers Of Africa (MoA) CAUKIN spent 3 months in rural Zambia constructing 4 classrooms and a teacher's office for Evergreen School.

Evergreen classrooms had around 150 students per class. The addition of 4 classrooms brings class sizes down to 40 pupils each.

With unemployment rates in Zambia being so high, it was important that this project also became a vehicle to teach workers new skills increasing their opportunity for future employment.

The design takes from the local vernacular, using materials all sourced within 2 hours of the site and wraps around the existing classrooms to create a large central courtyard within the school.

Each block of two classrooms is offset to create a layered facade adding interest and breaking up the masses.

Location Zambia
Project build lenght 15 weeks
Project leaders
Samantha Litherland, Alden Ching, Ayman Khan, Hannah Beard, Richard Rothwell
International participants 
Jess Simpson, Rufaro Natalie Matanda, Mu-Heng Tsai, Andrew Downey, Sara House, Tomos Rees, Blanca Obrador, Kelci Vittachi, Charlotte McConkey, Luke O'Brien, Niall Bennett, Alexander Welford, Zhanet Mishineva
Project partners
Mothers Of Africa
Project consultans
ARUP Cardiff, Kieron Tarrant
Paul Crompton, Samantha Litherland

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