Every Other Week
by MBL Architectes

Every Other Week consists in the renovation of a house that rests at the foot of a tower, somewhere in the Grand Paris area.

It marks the entrance to a residence composed of 20 identical semi-detached houses built in the early 1980s.

The project, conducted by MBL Architectes, deconstructs this now obsolete and sequenced family home by demolishing the partition walls.

Founded by Sébastien Martinez Barat and Benjamin Lafore, MBL Architectes is an architecture office based in Ivry-sur-Seine

The original interior was articulated by circulations, distributing a set of conventional rooms.

An okoume plywood sliding interior facade hosts two closed beds, a bathroom and a dressing room. A large bay opens onto the

Invisible up until now.

A vast carpet highlights the existing staircase and the objects around. A curtain wall separates the master bedroom. A couple of mobile desk-closets move around as activities take place.

Conveniently pierced

Children are here every other week. The house adapts to the needs of its occupants, it is a capable environment, open and articulated by moving objects.

The family house reconfigures.

Fast and economical, the project is elaborated with common, available materials. The renovation, without finish, reveals the traces of the previous layout of the house.

On the remnants of a nuclear family structure, the project is intended to be a liminal infrastructure, supporting the new idea of a mobile, changing, and adaptable family.

Authors MBL architectes
Location Pantin, France
Year 2020
Woodwork Nicolas Hosteing
Client Private
Photography Stéphane Ruchaud

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