Evocazioni Frontali
by Dinbouw

Evocazioni Frontali was a research project on landscape and the re-use of architectural heritage, conceived by Dinbouw, that took place in San Polo di Piave, Italy, a territory that expresses the interweaving of production and commercial relationships of a mixed agricultural and manufacturing economy.

The agricultural courtyard located in the center of the town, became an exemplary case study that shows the exclusion of tradition from modernity, a place abandoned for several decades. In the past, it used to be defined as "rural square": the space of interaction between the agricultural, the urban context and the manufacturers.

The installation aimed to create a public discussion, design allowed a temporary re-discovery and an original reading of the space to identify new possible points of progression.

The self-built octagonal wooden structure is placed in the center of the courtyard and it encloses an open central space. It is made up of eight corner elements that work as pins for the sides. Its temporary nature triggered the processes of redevelopment without suggesting a particular proposal.

The self-construction started from low budget materials and created a solid effort for the creation of a synergetic local network of institutions, companies, and citizens, where each supported us by giving materials, tools, or financial and institutional aid. The building process became the restorative action of the place, temporarily giving back the farmyard and the "barchessa" to the citizens.

They opened to the public organizing a two-days event with Federico della Puppa, local offices Carlana Mezzalira Pentimalli and ClinicaUrbana, Giovanni Piovene, and the artist collective Kantiere Misto. Later on, they organized a party, entertainment for children and a movie projection.

Called “the first act: origin”, the name implies an open ongoing research on architecture heritage, re-use, and the enhancement of formative social practices based on the cooperation between local resources.

Author Dinbouw (Giovanni Bettinelli, Riccardo Modolo, Alessio
Rapposelli, Lorenzo Sacchi, Giacomo Schiesaro, Jiaqi Wang)
With the support of Fondazione A.V. Giol Onlus.
Collaborators Marta Mion, Debora, Angelo Sertorelli,
Paolo (Structure)

Year 2019
Photography Courtesy of Dinbouw

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