by Lluis Alexandre Casanovas Blanco and Jordi Ferreiro

In 2019, artist Jordi Ferreiro was commissioned by the educational program of La Capella museum in Barcelona for 2020. Ferreiro has been working with schools, NGO’s, and the municipality, to bring the center’s cultural offerings to the heterogeneous community inhabiting the rapidly gentrifying Raval neighborhood.

Ferreiro asked Casanovas Blanco to create a space to be specifically used for this purpose. The aim was to avoid the actual isolation that normally exists between the art objects being discussed and the educational practices built around them.

One of the aims of the design was to move away from standardised institutional approaches to participation and social engagement — ones which emphasise do-it-yourself aesthetics and the use of primary colors referencing pedagogic spaces.

This design was made to be portable, in order that it could be placed amidst the exhibition space, directly confronting the artworks to be discussed.

This presented a two-fold challenge. On the one hand, the design needed to create an intimate space for conversation in the huge, gothic venue. On the other hand, the design needed to not interfere and distort the actual environment of the exhibition space.

The final design consisted in two symmetrical stands, movable by a single person. The body stands in a relaxed position which is understood to be predisposed to informal conversations. The artefacts are prototypes to be implemented in other museums or cultural centers.

Author Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco
Collaborators Matteo Caro, Judith López
Year 2020
Location Barcelona, Spain
Steel construction Óxido Taller
Client La Capella–Barcelona Producció 2019

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