For Puff
by MH.AP Studio

Fittings, shootings, castings… PUFF is a film studio with three technically equipped & soundproofed rooms, designed in Barcelona by MH.AP.

Also, a ‘production room’ for video editing and a reception hall/waiting area.

The corridor, also used as a waiting space, runs along with the premises, from the reception -hidden behind a set of mirrors, controlling the access- up to the two-level production room.

The existing space was narrow which only meant that a long corridor was to appear and somehow natural light and ventilation needed to be pushed inside.

The architects convinced the client that this room could be flexible and have other uses.

Movement was their departure point: working with the reflective properties of it’s materials to enhance the experience while walking through the space, embracing darkness through careful artificial lighting.

And not just movement: A built-in dark-green sofa runs along the premises -adding program to an otherwise just-circulation space.

A topography of dropped ceilings in navy-blue hides the installations (A/C, electrical,…) and adjusts the spatial proportions throughout the project.

This visual and formal game, rendered in navy-blue cork, reduces the sound impact outside the film studios and enhances the acoustic comfort.

The landscape turns upside down at the other end.

Here, the velvety green carpet takes over in a warmer color palette, accompanied by pastel orange tones from cedar-wood and theater-like curtains, to accommodate a flexible space that invites for floor interaction.

Called the production room.

Covered in wood-cement beige panels and brass joints, the surface of the walls appear in natural stone by the way natural (and artificial) light is reflected.

They are strangely pleasant to touch in movement.

Hiding behind traditional exterior louvers called ‘mallorquinas’ stainless steel countertops create contrast and add reflections to the warmness of the ensemble.

Authors MH.AP Studio (Marina Huguet Blasi,
Andrés Peñuela Betancur) + Maria Güell Ayza

Collaborators Studio Albert Romagosa (Graphic
MªJosep Moliner Jorba (Lighting Designer)
Location Poblenou, Barcelona, Spain
Year 2019
Surface 593 sqm
Client PUFF Barcelona
Photography Luis Díaz Díaz

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