Studio Animal

Grid is the first project of Munich handbags and accessories line. It is a temporary store in which Studio Animal worked fundamentally with two premises: isotropy and responsible temporality. 

To do this, a mesh made up of 60 x 60 cm modules is projected, ordering the exhibition regularly: a hole, a product.

A reticular mesh extends on the floor, walls and ceiling, generating this infinite and markedly virtual space.

Its ephemeral nature was decisive when deciding the construction system and its materiality: a single 100% recyclable cardboard was used.

For the manufacture of this project a 15 mm honeycomb cardboard panel with a white stucco exterior finish was used. In total there were 120 cardboard sheets.

Each shelf is made up of  double-layer ribs, installed with exposed edges, showing the material in its original raw state and generating the identity of the store: the brown mesh. 

The double-layer honeycomb panel allows to achieve the necessary structural rigidity both to support its own weight and that of the products.

The different pieces were distributed on the cardboard panels, taking advantage of the maximum length of the panels, optimizing the material to the maximum and avoiding waste.

Studio Animal is a design practice based in Madrid and Barcelona specializing in interior design projects and ephemeral architecture. It is directed by Javier Jiménez Iniesta.

A project by Studio Animal (Javier J. Iniesta)
Collaborators Marina Benítez, Diana F. Pareja
Viladecans, Barcelona, Spain
Year January 2023
Surface 60 sqm
Munich Bags 
© Jose Hevia 

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