by Arquid

The project, located in Altenaken, is part of a European master plan designed for ABInBev which implies the intervention on the famous wheat beer Hoegaarden packaging plant.

Located in the Belgian town where it was founded, bearing the same name.

This 20.000 sqm new building contains the extension for the packaging line and the new associated logistic facilities.

Designed by Arquid, the facade became a very important point of design during the design phase in order to bring an added value to the new facilities and a renovated look.

Developed with the combination of three materials: concrete, sandwich panels and polycarbonate.

The concrete panels were conceived as unique and custom pieces for this specific project, and their design process was no small feat.

To ease prefabrication and achieve an optimal technical performance, the panels needed to be as shallow as possible and follow a horizontal division according to the assembly certification in Belgium. However, from an architectural point of view, depth and shadows were important for creating the desired visual effect.

They incorporated a 90-degree angle at the edge. Verticality is emphasised through a 9cm joint between each curve of the panel. This way, the strong vertical shadow line is highlighted, and the horizontal divisions become less visible.

On the other hand, polycarbonate, the softest and most permeable element, helps natural light flow into the factory during the day and lets the world know that the factory is still up and running at night.

Hoegaarden produces and packages beer 24/7!

The facade was designed as a reminiscence to the beer brand's iconic glass thanks to the choice of materials and their shape. On the other hand, the concave shape of the concrete panels represents the beer glass itself.

Translucent anti-glare polycarbonate panels and white sandwich panels and the small cantilever over the concrete panels resembles the foam bubbles and replicates the head top of the glass.

A metal structure lacquered in white provides clarity and spaciousness to the packaging, storage and expedition areas. White sandwich panels define a small office block creating a neutral and elegant atmosphere.

Visual distractions that may block workers' concentration are minimised.

Inside, the natural light that is filtered through the polycarbonate panels is carefully treated by the choice of light-colored materials and large double-height spaces.

Authors Arquid
Location Hoegaarden, Belgium
Client ABInBev Belgium
Surface 20.000 sqm
Project Management IPS Belgium
Civil contractor EDIBO
Budget 52,000,000 €
Photography Thomas Noceto

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