Home Office in Milan
SET Architects

SET Architects, a Rome-based architecture, urbanism and design studio, completes a renovation project for the need of a young client in the center of Milan.

The project was born to transform a traditional 70 sqm flat into a space for living and working, with the aim of defining separate areas and at the same time visual continuity between them.

In recent years more and more people have the opportunity to work from anywhere, and many prefer the comfort of the home environment to the office.

The goal: a hybrid and flexible home, open up to new uses and functions, in which to live and work in harmony with the architectural space.

The idea was to exploit (an apparent constraint of the pre-existing building, in a design opportunity) a residual corner, generated by the presence of the lift shaft, to create an office corner.

The space enjoys cozy and intimate proportions, characterized by excellent natural lighting and direct connection with the heart of the house.

The masonry works were reduced to a minimum, limiting the demolition of a wall to connect two rooms in a single room which became the living/dining area.

The choice of materials was made on the basis of neutral and warm colors in order to obtain a relaxing and welcoming environment, suitable to be lived in both as a workspace and as a home.

A light gray microcement was used for the floor, the walls are in a warm white and the furnishings are in birch plywood, chosen for its characteristic light grain in soft tones.

All the furnishings have been designed and realized for the flat in order to obtain a custom space according to the owner’s needs.

Authors SET Architects, Onorato di Manno & Andrea Tanci
Year 2023
Surface 70 sqm
Typology Apartment renovation
Client Private
Location Rome, Italy
Photo credits © Simone Bossi

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