House for a Saxophonist
by SET Architects

The project consists of the refurbishment of an apartment for a saxophonist, designed and developed by Rome-based office SET Architects.

Click here to their profile on New Generations media platform and their project Shoah Memorial.

The space is located in a historical building in Rome’s city center, in the urban context of the Rione Esquilino, facing the “Acquario Romano”.

The Acquario Romano (Roman Aquarium) is a building located in piazza Manfredo Fanti in Esquilino, the historic district of Rome.

The original apartment has undergone several changes over time, decreasing the historical character and altering the original spaces.

SET Architects recently faced another apartment renovation, the House for a Couple in Fondi, Italy.

SET Architects’ aim was to restore the original walls, allowing a continuous connection between each individual room, ensuring maximum permeability of the spaces.

Material choice and spatial configuration creates a warm feeling to the domestic environment and ensure natural light in the spaces

The details of the original ceiling decorations is a recurring motive. Every room has a different set of decorations which characterises the historical style of the apartment in a harmonious coexistence with the contemporary furniture and technologies.

All rooms are provided with chevron hardwood doors, with an exception for the bathroom that features a continuous resin door.

The resin door is an essential intervention, capable of enhancing its history in harmony with the needs of contemporary living.

Authors SET Architects (Lorenzo Catena, Onorato di Manno, Andrea Tanci) 
Location Rome, Italy

Year 2018
Client Private
Collaborator Marco Tropeano
Suppliers Cantiere Galli Design
Photography Simone Bossi

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