House of Chickens
by SO?

Some of the projects included a Bird Groove of 15000 m2, for the rehabilitation of wild birds and a Planting Campaign for planting 5000 trees each year to regenerate the exhausted soil.

The master plan hosts barns, greenhouses, feedlots, semi-open kitchens, a goose coop etc; all commissioned to renowned architects and designers.


The brief required a reciprocal relationship with nature, looking for a response to create a designed shelter for animals to protect them from the extreme conditions of the climate.

The main question that the project aims to respond to is "Can design have a transforming effect on the rural environment without dominating nature?".

Being part of an art and architecture farm that aims to revitalise a neglected rural area into an attraction point without losing its value of rural characteristics, this small building aims to use design as a transforming tool.

Spatial quality is not only something that human beings are also in need of. The reciprocity between human and animal is the main design aspect that shapes the sectional design of the project.

The design features a cross-ventilated and indirectly daylit interior space covered by plywood and magnesium oxide wallboards and timber roosting bars with specific angles for the chickens’ claws.

The shorter section of the project lets people collect eggs without entering the chicken coop while the longitudinal section is formed by the main functions of the shelter: sleeping and incubating.

Program Chicken coop
Location Erzincan, Turkey
Year 2018
Surface 60sqm
Authors SO? Architecture&Ideas (Sevince Bayrak, Oral Göktas)
Collaborators Derya Ertan, Elif Çivici, Selin Çubukçuoğlu, Gülce Yuyar, Zeynep Çabuk

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