House PB
by Campomarzio

House PB is an intervention, conducted by campomarzio, that concerns an old building in the historic centre of Caldonazzo, part of an urban lot formed by different properties in continuity.

Campomarzio is an Italian office based in Trento, Italy. You can read their profile here.

Caldonazzo is a commune in Valsugana, in Trentino, northern Italy.

The building itself is the sum of various properties that in the past were merged but still clearly discernible from the irregular dimensions and rhythm of the openings in the facades as well as the different height of the floors.

Inside, the project provided for a complete renovation of the first floor and the conversion of the attic into a residence.

Connecting these two levels with a new staircase.

Outside, it allowed for the makeover of the roof and the facades, removing the incoherent elements to seek a more appropriate integration into the existing context.

The design approach was conservative, the original wooden structure of the XIX century roof was maintained, opening wide skylights in order to bring natural light inside.

And reinforced by a new structure above it with the same shape.

Floors and openings in the facades were maintained too, and the old walkways and balconies made by concrete were replaced by new wooden ones.

Larch wood is the trait d’union of the entire intervention, while the white and uniform finishing of walls and ceilings gives brightness and value both to what was maintained and what is new.

Able to link internal and external spaces, old and new.

Overall, the intervention attempted to ennoble a rural building apparently modest, restoring it externally a rigorous aspect and internally an high spatial complexity.

Defined with few but significant elements.

Author campomarzio
Location Caldonazzo, Italy
Year 2017-18
Client Private
Surface 180 m2
Photography Davide Perbellini

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