Houthavens Plot 1 & 2
by Marc Koehler Architects

This approach radically extends the building’s life span and reduces costs.

By closing material, energy, water, ecology, and waste cycles, Superlofts is on its way to becoming one of The Netherlands most climate-positive residential concepts.

Location Houthaven, Amsterdam
Year of contruction 2016
Concept, architecture and communication
Marc Koehler Architects
Project management
de Architekten Cie
Process management
de Architekten Cie, Marc Koehler Architects, Space Encounters 
Technical design
de Architekten Cie., Architectuurcentrale Thijs Asselbergs, Hootsmans architectuurbureau
Co-op management and supervision
Kreijns Bouwadvies
Construction Van Rossum
ERA Contour BV
Climate consultant
DPA Cauberg Huygen
Isabel Nabuurs (1), Marcel van der Burg (2), Simon Bosch (3-4), Jansje Klazinga (5-8)

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