by OSK-AR architecten & B612 Associates

The project Ket & Co consists of a primary school and a sports hall, a FabLab and an auditorium and located in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek near the city center of Brussels, Belgium.

A very densified and vibrant, multicultural neighbourhood

By opting for a compact and modular building volume, the design team managed to minimise the footprint and avoided a further densification of the neighbourhood by simultaneously providing more than ample outdoor play area for the children.

Two translucent canopies provide shelter while playing outdoors and a big roof terrace on the first floor is equipped with planters for educational vegetable gardens for the children.

One for each playground area.

The classrooms are all located on the ground floor and the first floor and are visually and physically linked together to enable co-teaching. The sports hall is located on the top floor and offers a broad view over the adjacent neighborhood and the city of Brussels.

Ket & Co aims to reach further and is designed to act as a catalyst for the whole neighbourhood and its residents.

By facilitating the use of the infrastructure by local residents outside of school hours, the school enlarges its work field and can thus drastically increase its added value for the neighborhood.

By studying the projected various patterns of usage and subsequent circulation flows, the school building is specifically designed to fluently accommodate a very broad variety of after-school activities.

The sports hall, several meeting rooms, the FabLab and multipurpose spaces can be used after school hours.

The golden façade of the building is composed of a modular system of concrete cassettes and is finished with gold colored corrugated steel sheets.

The characteristic color provides a strong and recognisable identity for Ket & Co and establishes the school as a playful, eye-catching beacon for this vibrant neighbourhood.

Architects OSK-AR architecten + B612 Associates
Location Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium
Year 2019
Client La Commune de Molenbeek-St.-Jean
Surface 4200 sqm
Photography Luca Beel, Timothy Schiettecatte

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