094 Les Patios
by A6A

The 094 Les Patios project consists of a health house in Jarnac, France, designed and conducted by french offices A6A and Atelier Archipel.

Jarnac is a commune in southwestern France. It is famous for having been the site of the Battle of Jarnac in 1569

A6A is an architecture office based in Bordeaux, Royan and Anglet and led by Roberto de Uña, Michel Hardoin and Antoine Ragonneau. Atelier Archipel is an architecture practice based in Montréal, Canada.

The project takes place at the crossroad of a large avenue in intense urbanisation and a communal road leading to the city center.

The authors proposed an equipment whose urban scale is defined by a simple form, structuring the new entry in this tertiary zone.

A6A and Atelier Archipel have developed other public buildings with solid forms and volumes, such as the multi-functional building Le Spot in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer.

The building is isolated from the public roads by a large raised garden around which the medical poles are organised.

These different volumes are perfectly identifiable by their users.

An interior gallery structures the project. Visible from the crossroads in transparency through the patios, it has three entries in direct connection with the car park.

Timelessness, durability, contextuality. We are in a country of limestone and cellars with blackened facades. Those of the project are white concrete with shades of local limestone punctuated by cladding and blinds in black saturated wood.

According to the architects, concrete is treated with the same care as a stone.

Materials are authentic, used for their natural quality.

Authors A6A and Atelier Archipel
Location Jarnac, France
Year 2019
Surface 1041 sqm
Photography Agnès Clotis   

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