MINIMO were commissioned to transform a house in a thirteen-storey tower in a residential neighbourhood in Madrid.

MINIMO is a young architecture office based in Madrid, founded by Alberto Rubial Alonso and Sergio Sánchez Grande. You can read their profile here.

For the Madrid-based office, the main challenge was to generate a fluid space while integrating all the pipelines and vertical structures without compromising on ceiling-height and enhancing the generous natural light of its perimeter.

Elements that exist in a building of this type.

They found the answer in the clearness and warmth of the spaces of the "Paulista" architecture where the rawness of the seen structure coexists with the materials that are carefully chosen such as natural wood or the hydraulic tiles.

Such as the Casa Butanta by Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

Thus, the architects unified the main space of the house using a hydraulic tile pavement that combines plain pieces (on the edges) and geometric ones (in the central space).

 That includes the living room, kitchen and dining room.

Together with the original concrete slab, it creates a continuous space, articulated by the only piece that interrupts the horizontal vision of this space.

The free-standing birch plywood piece of the kitchen.

The rest of the house is solved in a very natural way: the bathrooms are packed into adjoining spaces and the bedrooms are separated from the common spaces by deep entrances.

To reduce the facilities

That contain the storage while isolating the rooms from the activity of the living room.

The house is a ceiling, a floor and a piece of furniture.

Authors MINIMO (Alberto Rubial Alonso Sergio Sánchez Grande)
Year 2020
Location Madrid, Spain
Budget <80.000 €
Client Private
Construction Adapta Nexum
Photography Davit Ruiz

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