The project, conducted by MINIMO, seeks to transform a 70 sq.m. duplex located in the neighbourhood of Arturo Soria, Madrid.

In origin the house was organised on two levels: a very compartmentalised ground floor which held the day areas and a private upper floor.

Hall, kitchen, living room, pantry and storage spaces.

The challenge of this intervention was to optimise the use of the space by connecting the living room and the kitchen while adding a toilet on the ground floor.

With two bedrooms and a bathroom.

This exempt piece, that holds bookshelves to the living room and appliances to the kitchen, becomes the lead of the intervention.

In addition, two other strategies are implemented to enhance the continuity of the domestic space: They hide in the central piece of furniture two sliding doors that allow them to divide the living room and the kitchen.

To achieve this, MINIMO removed the partitions and packed the technical elements, toilet and storage spaces to articulate the resulting continuous space through a central birch element.

These glass and birch panels maintain a transparent division in the main space of the house, without losing its continuity.

Furthermore, the architects treat the materiality of the floor differently by linking the living room and the kitchen through a continuous bamboo flooring and using porcelain matte tiles on stairs, bathrooms, laundry and pantry.

To accentuate the transition between the different areas.

Thus, they unify and connect the day area of the house, accentuating its fluidity by articulating the space through a single element: the central birch piece of furniture.

Authors MINIMO (Alberto Rubial Alonso, Sergio Sánchez Grande)
Collaborators Clara Domínguez Gallardo
Location Madrid, Spain
Budget < 60,000 €
Surface < 70 sqm
Client Private
Photography Amores Pictures

Interior RA Double Brick House Mo-tel House

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