Manifesto Market

Located in Smichov, Prague, Czech Republic, Manifesto Market builds on the local historical layers present on site.

An area with valuable examples of architectural heritage.

Designed by Chybik + Kristof, evoking the genius loci was a clear ambition from the beginning and mapping in the history of the place was an essential process.

Located between a former market hall and the National House of Smichov, the plot had been a botanical garden, an outdoor restaurant and a parking lot.

The neighbourhood was previously a destination for recreational activities, and the botanical garden dominated this landscape.

With this history of lush green public spaces in mind, and learning from the intimate scale and proportions of passages in Prague, the project took shape.

The plants returned to the courtyard and their presence guided our design, being as central to it as the various activities that the project had to encompass.

11 containers are inhabited by various vendors that provide gastronomic specialties or refreshments, while the platform serves as a terrace with diverse types of seating options.

The proposal elevates the containers on a new platform that serves as a technical solution for plumbing and electricity, but also as a way to insure that the entire area is barrier free accessible.

A wooden platform offered the possibility of integrating a small pool within its height, a place that quickly became the most exciting place for children and adults alike.

The corrugated aluminium sheets that clad the containers allow the structures to blend in with the background and playfully reflect the façade and colour of the National House. The motif of reflection reappears on the ripples of water in the small pool.

Location Prague, Czech Republic
Surface 835 sum
Year 2019
Photography Alex Shoots Buildings

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