by Rick Abelen

The nature reserve Gaverbeekse Meersen extends along the lower reaches of the Gaverbeek creek in Zulte and Waregem. The marshes are still an important flood zone and nature acquisition area, where nature can be sustained without affecting agriculture, forestry or recreation all too severely.

Marsh House (‘Meershuisje’) holds the landscape of the Gaverbeek moors in a special spotlight. The hut, in the middle of the open green, overlooking the Meersen moors and verging on hiking and cycling trails, may be accessed via this obsolete embankment.

As a look-out and place for contemplation, the house is an unparalleled room with a view on the Gaverbeek, its pristine pastures and biodiversity. A periscope through the roof offers a bird’s-eye view on the meandering landscape.

Marsh House presents itself as an archetypical house, quite literally adding a physical and recognisable address to the hard-to-get-at reserve. With nature and experience at the forefront, the installation is a simple plated timber frame coated in white.

The house offers a new perspective on spatial quality, with an understanding of the past and a glance at the future. Thanks to its remarkable presentation, the hut stands as a recognisable accent within all of the green splendour.

It is a physical place to experience and discover nature at its best, a roof for humans, art, landscape and nature to live under in terrific harmony.

Author Rick Abelen
Location Gaverbeekse Meersen, Waregem, Belgium
Year 2020
Client Intermunicipal organisation Leiedal
(as part of the Contrei Live festival)

Construction P&B Houtbouw
Photography Contrei Live

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