Naidi Community Hall
by CAUKIN Studio

Through the extended ceiling height, a natural flow of air throughout the building is increased, being released through a “hit-and-miss” timber cladding under the roof eaves. The opening shutters, louvre blades and large panes of glass create a naturally lit space internally.

The structure demonstrates innovative design and cyclone resistance whilst still using only locally sourced materials, thus allowing the project to be replicable by local communities in Fiji.

Location Naidi, Fiji
Authors CAUKIN Studio (lead designers), Joshua Peasley,
Harrison Marshall, Alden Ching, Andrzej Bak, Clarissa
Budiono (project leaders), Maria Reyes Bariain, Emily
Charlton, Maggie Dalton, Dinjal Damania, Lewis Danielson,
Ksenia Davydova, Nikolina Georgieva, Kate Gonashvili,
Maddie Griffiths, Ash Kendall, Cassie Li, Nikoleta Petrova,
Richard Rothwell, Nadejda Tabakova, Connor Tulip, Lili Wagner,
Sabrina Waibel, Janet Wong (project volunteers), The Jazmin
Fund, Naqaqa Giving Foundation (project partners)

Year 2018
Consultants Centrespace Structural Design (engineering)
Project Donors The John Gore Organization, Fulton Hogan
Hiways, Spratley & Partners, Centrespace Structural Design,
The Pratt Foundation, Vincent Hughes, Susan Rose, Stefan Berner,
Sandra Elkins, Cristina and Liam Lynch Family Foundation, Anna
Miller, Andrew D. Perlman, The Carl and Renee Landegger Trust,
Aaron Siegel, Anna L. Miller, Niamh Blancardi, Salma Aitali,
Paul Isaacs, Claire Fordham 

Photography Katie Edwards

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