Neutrale Flagship Store
Estudio DIIR

The solid principles on which the Neutrale brand was founded, was sought to be transferred to a physical space, designed by estudio DIIR.

Sustainable practices, respect for the environment or awareness of new consumption methods are some of the values that build its identity. All of them are applied to the project in order to start an interesting challenge that aims to enrich the sales experience.

Estudio DIIR is a young practice based in Madrid. You can view other retail projects such as the Diplomatic Flagship Store by clicking here.

First of all, DIIR decided to respect the space’s original architecture. A series of small, careful and strategic interventions were then projected with the desire to reconfigure the space and understand each corner in a particular way.

A large longitudinal nave defines the main room. The imposing granite base on which the façade rests inspire some of the successive interventions. As a symbolic gesture, two granite benches are designed at both ends of the nave.

A welcoming space that acts as a presentation letter for the brand.

The line defined by the granite base is used as a reference to cover the rest of the walls. An innovative and sustainable material, made from pressed cellulosic waste and designed by Honext brand, was used as a vertical facing.

The reuse of resources is part of its circular approach, a vision shared with the clients. Beyond its sustainable value, this product is chosen for its aesthetic qualities, offering the possibility of unifying the whole and providing a friendly character to this welcoming space.

At the back of the space, a large counter reserved exclusively for the sale of coffee is designed. This hybrid model pursues the objective of experimenting with the typology and introducing new uses that could energise the space.

Finally, the intervention in the rear area follows the same principles. In this case, the main element that characterises this space and configures the various uses is a huge sofa.

The sustainable fabrics that the brand itself manufactures are used to cover this element. Also, to design the large curtain that serves as a fitting room.

A special carpet covers the floor and gives warmth to this environment. “Less but better” constitutes one of the main manifestos of the brand, and from this approach the project was born.

Author Estudio DIIR
Location Madrid, Spain
Year 2021
Client Neutrale
Surface 60 m2
Photography Luis Díaz Díaz

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