New access and store in the Burgos Cathedral
by estudiosic

There is an architecture to be revealed in the Burgos Cathedral. They are the architectures of small things, of spiritual intimacies, of places of symbols and rites, of warmth.

Everything that contrasts with the centennial stones: choirs, confessionals, sacristies, etc. A whole architecture of the small and singular things in large spaces.

A project, designed by Madrid-based office estudiosic, rescues the traditional materials with which those architectures conform: carpets, velvets, wood, metallic chrome, textures and delicate colours.

Location Burgos, Spain
Mauro Gil-Fournier Esquerra, Esaú Acosta Pérez, Miguel Jaenicke Fontao (estudiosic)
Collaborators Miriam Alonso Barrio, Policarpo del Canto Baquera, Patricia Ramos Mateo
Consultants Aibur Restauración (construction), KUMA Estructuras (furniture)
Client Cabildo metropolitano de la Catedral de Burgos (Idoia Larrea, Victor Ochotorena)
Surface 260m2
Photography Esaú Acosta

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