Fol(i)cle. A Toxi-Cartographic Proposal for Bangkok
by Pareid

In the early months of 2019 air pollution in Bangkok reached a record high, bringing national and international attention on the air quality in the South East Asian cosmopolitan.

Authors Pareid (Deborah Lopez and Hadin Charbel)
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Year 2019
Collaborators Konlawat Meklalit, Noppa-on Plidtookpai, Pitisuda Sukumalchantra, Phatsorn Mutanone
Sponsors Matter of Trust, Embajada de España en Bangkok, Bangkok Design Week 2019, TCDC
Photography Pareid and Visut Innadda

Pareid The Ordnance Pavilion Green Gallery YAP MAXXI Courtyard Cinemapepe Belvedere Lesser Houses Out of Character

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