Nobis Hotel
by Wingardhs

Nobis Hotel, designed by Wingårdhs, is located in a historic building dating back to the 16th century, a former soap factory right where the Old Town meets vibrant Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

The work took the foundation in the building’s background, but also dared to add a new layer. It is the combination of conservation and innovation that characterises the project.

“When I first visited the building, it was dilapidated and all of Palma's pigeons seemed to live inside. The potential was obvious, of course – but what a journey it would require. Now, an eternity and a thousand adventures later, it is a building reminiscent of the original, but one that has taken the step into our time” says Helena Toresson, interior architect at Wingårdhs.

The principle of not replacing something that already works while also having the courage to add contemporary sharpness, runs consistently through Wingårdhs’ collaborations with the Nobis group.

The hotel has 31 rooms, a bar facing the street, a generous lounge and a hidden garden with a pool. Concepció by Nobis was designed with the ambition to last over time while also maintaining a relevant expression and content.

The green and white, locally produced by Huguet become a bespoke floor tiles that visualise the core of Wingårdhs’ and Nobis’ collaborations. With equal amounts of guts and respect, historic buildings are salvaged and given a new life.

Wingårdhs designed the handmade and locally produced floor tiles that are the hallmark of the building. They can be seen both in the hotel rooms as well as in the public spaces and connect local craft tradition with distinctive design.

In addition to this rather bold element, cross arches, roof beams and bay windows have been carefully polished and restored.

Concepció by Nobis is a place where the past meets the present and Scandinavian design is combined with a Mediterranean feel.

As always, we have been careful to respect the building's unique history while adding modern comfort and timeless aesthetics, says Alessandro Catenacci, owner of Nobis Hospitality Group.

“In the original building, we found floor tiles in different patterns and shapes and we learned that this type of tile is manufactured in Campos, just west of Palma. After a visit to the Huguet small factory where all the work is done by hand, it was a given that this was where we would start”, Toresson recounts.

This publication is part of an ongoing collaboration between New Generations and Huguet for the upcoming New Generations Festival, which will take place in Rome in September 2022.

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