Nodo Invisible is a festival of experimental music and living arts in the Crystal Palace of Arganzuela, in Madrid.

Local office Futuro Studio was in charge of the spatial project of the first three editions, held between 2018 and 2019. The clients, Possible Others, aimed to generate an integral experience where different creative languages were founded in a space as evocative as the greenhouse.

During a couple mornings in each edition, the space intervened by Futuro Studio hosted musicians, visual artists, and performers who made proposals designed specifically for the occasion.

For the first edition, they created a molecule-like structure formed from latex balloons of 1m in diameter supported by a scaffolding that allowed the assembly and disassembly in less than 8 hours. The scenery was designed from 4 different points of view, according to the 4 different wings of the ship.

A central stage, which invited visitors to walk around the space and allows a rest wing; created from geometric foam rubber accumulable pieces that allow the generation of different seats and loungers.

The spatial project for the second edition aimed to generate an integral experience that questioned the spatial dynamics that usually define this type of musical event, interrupting direct visual contact with the artist and completely reconfiguring his relationship with the audience.

For the third edition, they created a kind of oasis through a structure and a materiality that allowed the visitors to blur the boundary between the public and the artist. The continuous reflections favored the confusion and forced the public to walk around the oasis.

Nodo Invisible seeks to collaborate in the creation of a referential creative program in Madrid, completely away from the logic of the club, focused on experimentation and enjoyment, searching for and expansion of new audiences (intergenerational and diverse) in the field of electronic and experimental music in the city.

Author Futuro Studio
Location Arganzuela's Greenhouse, Madrid, Spain
Year 2018-19
Clients Possible Others Collective & Matadero Madrid
Photography Courtesy of Futuro Studio

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