O Castro da Costiña
gramática arquitectónica

Gramática Arquitectónica designed Retiro da Costiña, temporary stay modules in Santa Comba, an inland municipality of Galicia.

The plot, initially enclosed with a perimeter plant wall, was internally organized through circles of different sizes, which generate infinite routes.

The plot is surrounded by cattle pastures mixed with the eucalyptus monoculture.

The modules settle separated from the ground toless interfere with the natural runoff from the terrain, with a gentle slope that allows views of the valley.

The building has a double premise: to have a static element at the foot of each one and to leave free the wind and the organisms of the plot below.

The modules are reduced to two plates, whose shape call back the old dreamed futurism, with large vertical openings.

Internally, they create a bedroom, bathroom and a small office with a living room, and on the outside generate a terrace to sit among the flowers.

The upper slab is an extensive landscaped roof covered with sedum, it will help small pollinating insects to enrich the crops.

The facades and the interior spaces are marked by the use of the traditional off-white which seeks to generate a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Reinforcing the continuity between exterior and interior, flooring and ceilings will maintain the same texture and tones, which will only be broken with the dark brown carpentry of the doors and windows and with the pieces of furniture and interior partitions.

A project by gramática arquitectónica
Location Santa Comba, Galicia, SP
Year 2023
Client private
Program Cabins and lodges
Photography © Luis Díaz Díaz

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