On Loop
by Pareid

'On Loop' is a skatepark that was conceived around responding to two key figures, a community of skaters and the existing trees, both on a relatively small plot. One major aspect of skating is the continuity of movement created by stringing together a series of tricks.

It is quite common for skaters to plan ‘a line’, a sequence of tricks they aim to execute and obstacles to engage with. As such, the strategy was formed around incorporating the trees as obstacles to be avoided while devising a way to endlessly skate on loop.

To the open-air north-end of the site a quarter pipe and incline (or bank) occupy opposite sides, providing two options for ‘dropping in’. At the center is a fun-box, containing a combination of ramp, rail, grind box, ledge and manual pad, each of which contain their own set of possibilities.

On the tree-populated south-end, two quarter spheres are formed by filling the gap between the trees and the site bounds, providing different options for looping back (as do the quarter-pipe and incline). 

The channels undulating on either side provide an optional bench to grind and double as a place to sit, spectate and/or record from. Lined with bamboo, a visual and acoustic filter is made around the skatepark, while shade is created in different areas throughout various moments of the day. 

The aluminum pipe fencing serves as both a guided support for the bamboo as well as a barrier for skaters to catch themselves.The project was inaugurated in Cabanas Raras in September 2023, and can be seen as part of a series whose aim is to reinvigorate the Spanish region of El Bierzo through a combination of architecture, activities and ecology.

A project by Pareid
Location Cabañas Raras, ES
Year 2023
Project Team Manuel Reguera Lobato
Engeneer Id0 Francisco José prada López
Constructor Brucons Biers SL
Promotors Ayuntamiento de Cabañas Raras
 © Javier de Paz

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