One-door House
by La Errería architecture office

For La Errería, a house can be the “theater of dreams”, but it can also be a laboratory for architectural purposes.

Thus, a project like this approached this domestic challenge not only as a field open to study and experimentation, but also as a space in which to experiment with new formats and construction techniques, they recount.

The place to test new ideas and forms that can be expanded to other places.

The house not only as an aesthetic expression of a way of life, but as a laboratory for constructive and technological innovation.

This small experiment aimed to transform a conventional flat into an open and flexible space for a couple.

It consisted in converting a corseted system of walls and rooms through a long and narrow corridor into a wide and open place to be-eat-sleep-read-paint, whose only door will be the entrance.

With about 90 constructed m2, the house consisted of 9 doors, which gives an idea of its poor flexibility.

What the architects conceived here was an open and flexible relationship of the spaces capable of converting the house into a unique space.

The main day-zone was linked to the outside to take advantage of the most important views of the town; the night zone was reserved for a more intimate space.

Materiality was also a key factor in the project. The architects projected a continuous relationship between the floor and the ceiling that ran through the entire house without interruptions.

The lower plane was projected in light-weighted concrete, and the upper plane with a corrugated sheet that contained the lighting.

The wooden furniture acts as partitions. In addition, this furnishing provides not only separation between the romos but also storage for the house.

Intentionally not reaching up to the ceiling to strengthen this idea of continuity in space.

If the commission was a success, and our clients could prove it, it is only because this house allowed us to expand the mental borders of them, favoring architecture at all times.

“We not only want to leave behind the excesses and opulence of a moment that was never our own, but to prevail a new discourse that puts its inhabitants at the center of the architect’s concerns and that broadens our architectural horizons understanding that a house can even have only one door,” the architects recount.

Authors LA ERRERÍA * architecture office (Carlos Sánchez García, Luis Navarro Jover)
Location Novelda, Alicante, Spain.
Year 2019-2020
Clients José María Navarro Navarro, Magdalena Pastor Navarro
Budget 88.698,63 €
Surface 106,60 m2
Photography Luis Díaz Díaz

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