Origami Pavilion
by Manuel Bouzas & Clara Álvarez

The pavilion consisted in an information pavilion for the third edition of Concéntrico Architecture Festival, located in Logroño, Spain, 2018.

The temporary installation, designed by Manuel Bouzas and Clara Álvarez, was based on a very simple concept: a piece of paper cannot hold itself up, but if we fold it several times in precise places, it can hold itself up and many more things.

The architects wanted to create an icon, a landmark in the city with a touch of attraction, focused on awakening the curiosity and attention of citizens in these abandoned places.

Furthermore, they wanted to demonstrate that the wooden panels were self-supporting, so they did not create any sort of supporting structures or foundations.

They only used the materials they were provided with, nothing more or less, just 39 wooden panels.

The construction was also very simple; the panels were connected with hinges that allowed them to move like a paper and voilà! Finished once all of the panels were bound to these elements.

Authors Manuel Bouzas & Clara Alvarez
Location Logroño (Spain)
Year 2018
Client Concentrico 03 - Official Chamber of Architects of La Rioja (COAR)
Surface 15 sqm
Photography Josema Cutillas

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