Pop-up café
by Palma

Pop-up café is a project built as a temporary structure for MEXTRÓPOLI, an architecture festival in Mexico City, by the local studio Palma, commissioned by one of the sponsors of the festival, CREST firm specialized in the sale of adhesives for construction.

The project was initially intended as a stand that could exhibit the different products of the brand, however, instead of the product being exhibited, the stand could actually be built with the brand’s products so that this would be used throughout the project.

Finally, the stand would function as a temporary café/bar, a meeting point where festival attendees could have informal talks between the different lectures.

The proposal consists of an island, 30 cm separated from the walls/columns on its four sides. The platform rises 20 cm from the floor and along it a series of volumes with different functions such as bench, bar, table or lamp are extruded.

The structure was built with second-hand wooden frame that was hidden behind a 5x5 cm white mosaic grid and a red joint, the sponsor brand’s flagship color.

A project by Palma
Location Mexico City, MX
Year 2021
Client CREST
Photography © photo credits Luis Young

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