Pasts, Presents, for an emotional context
Conjuntos Empaticos

Conjuntos Empáticos believes that architecture today should be interpreted as a social situation, as a mediator or interface between cultural and social reality. For this reason, Pasts-Presents for an Emotional Context proposes an exhibition circumstance featuring eleven pieces that are concerned more with the interactions they induce than with their physical materialisation. 

The focus is not so much on the objects as on the discourses and dynamics they represent. In a way, the works speak about notions associated with the pandemic, such as self-conception, recycling, techno-architecture, free occupation and questioning everything that was and currently is.

Using different interfaces, they convey their thoughts about domesticity in pandemic times, interpreting architecture as a social situation or as a mediator between cultural reality and collectiveness.

For them, the eleven artworks have the potential of creating affective contexts or architectures that are deliberately adapted to our emotional needs.

Accordingly, Conjuntos Empáticos propose an exhibition circumstance that can group all the pieces, highlighting the interactions they provoke, rather than their physical materialisation, which leads us to speak about notions such as self-conception, recycling, techno-architecture, free occupation and the questioning of everything that was and currently is.

They also shine a spotlight on the need to eliminate the dissociation between theoretical approaches and the reality in which society lives, challenging the notion that the exhibition atmosphere is a utopia headed for dystopia.

Instead, they believe it should be accepted within the pandemic context in which it was created. Although the artefacts on display were created in the past, they should now be more present than ever.

Authors Conjuntos Empáticos (Sálvora Feliz + Marta Benito + Noemí Díaz)
Collaborators Laura González Caballero y Cristina Pardo
Location Madrid, Spain
Year 2021
Participating artists Plastique Fantastique; Andrea Muniáin; Buj Studio; EMBT (Enric Miralles + Benedetta Tagliabue); Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation; Paula Ulargui; JAJAxD [Diego Jiménez y Juana Sánchez + (DJ Architecture), Aitor Frías + Joaquín Perailes (AFAB) y Álvaro Carrillo]; Francisco Bongiovanni + Marta Vaquero + Manuel de Vega; and New-TerritoriesS/he (F. Roche).
Construction and lighting Intervento
Client La Casa Encendida
Surface 133 sqm
Photography Javier de Paz García / ESTUDIOBALLOON

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