PAU Flagship Store
by Estudio DIIR

Located in the heart of Valencia, the new space for the PAU brand is conceived as its flagship store. Through a deep process of experimentation, it has been designed from a new brand identity to the complete definition of the new sales space.

The first step is based on thoroughly studying the existing characteristics of the retail space. The first intuitions give rise to a series of ideas and sketches where the main concept of the project is defined.

A ground floor distinguished by its reduced dimensions connects with an upper floor that triples its surface.

The objective was to reinterpret and find inspiration in the old 18th and 19th century palaces where the concatenation of rooms enhanced the spatial experience. The first floor is thus divided into a grid of nine spaces.

Composed of 8 + 1 rooms. Each room has been given a particular character.

The flexibility of this system makes it possible to indistinctly combine the exhibition of collections, the celebration of events or the occasional private sale.

The sequence of crossed perspectives enhances the museum character of the space while offering a scenographic and flexible presentation of the products for sale.

An interest in the use of geometry exists in each of the rooms. Pure volumes of neutral micro-terraces are designed to enhance the products displayed there.

Likewise, the crosses between rooms are framed by a local Valencian stone cladding. This action emphasises the geometric forcefulness of the transitions and accentuates their depth.

This original space invites us to reflect on the new sales codes, and proposes a shopping experience based on spatial rotundity and material quality of its atmospheres.

Author estudio DIIR
Location Calle Colón 43, Valencia, Spain
Date January 2021
Client PAU
Surface 200 m2
Photography David Zarzoso

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