Pavilion for Doing Nothing

A Pavilion for Doing Nothing was a temporary pavilion, set up for only a week, from the 12th to the 19th of November 2022, under the supervision of Guillermo Fernández-Abascal (GFA2).

During this short and intense period, people joined the installation to party, relax, have an ice cream, and do barely nothing under and around its red shades.

The timber pavilion stayed sturdy at the outside of a backyard.

Its rough construction combined reused timber with new glulam posts, fabric with artisan masonry handcrafted from recycled materials, in order to create both intimate conversations and larger gathering spaces.

After the exhibition the Pavilion was disassembled and all materials were labeled and stored. The temporary building is looking for a second home to support a circularity within the industry.

The construction and deconstruction of the temporary building and of some mockups and fragments were a collective DIY process that stimulated conversations between local craftsmanship and architects.

A project by GFA2, Guillermo Fernández-Abascal
Location Gadigal Country, Sydney, AUS
Year 2022
Collaborators Natural Brick, Hyne Timber
© photo credits Hamish McIntosh

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