by FAM Architekten

Planegg is a small project in the suburbs of Munich, designed by FAM Architekten for a young family looking for a quiet home close to the infrastructure of city life.

Based in Munich, FAM was founded in 2015 by Florian Hartinger, Aaron Koch and Minh Vu Tran-Huu.

This single-family house, with a little tower, in the suburbs of Munich, constructed originally towards the end of the 19th century, was modernised and enlarged with a wooden extension.

With its 250sqm, there is now plenty of space for each family member.

The structural challenge became the design idea. Two reinforced concrete pillars support the old masonry in its base.

Within the open floor plan at the ground floor, joists are arranged in a cross shape with the supporting column at the center.

Providing a zoning element between the old and the new parts.

Entering the house through its green door, one can find fine carpentry work in the wardrobe and an integrated door to the home office.

While the open kitchen is still in the old section, it is also already part of the cross shaped center.

This includes the living space and the dining area, orientated to the little terrace deck and the garden.

On the upper floor, a shear-wall made of cross-laminated timber provides the necessary bracing. Contrasting with the open floor plan below, a wooden paneled retreat is created here in the annex.

The house is painted monochromatic. Rainy summer days delayed the painting - this unexpectedly gave rise to an elegant wave structure in the wooden slats, revealed only by grazing sunlight.

With the extension visible as a wooden structure.

Author FAM Architekten
Location Munich, Germany
Year 2019
Client Private
Photography boo-yeah

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