Pop-Up Theater
by Open Design School

The creation of the "Pop-up Theater" was part of Silent City, a musical theater project co-produced by Compagnia Teatrale l'Albero and Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, for the cultural program of Matera European Capital della Cultura 2019.

The intervention was the first case in Italy of an opera co-created by the inhabitants of a city, based on the principle of the comparison between two generations, a creative and collective process, a new idea of ​​public participation.

To face the lack of suitable places in Matera, Open Design School created a temporary theater in the spaces of a disused ex-disco located at the Tre Torri mall, in San Giacomo suburb.

The dramaturgical narration of the opera, in continuous contrast between 2 opposing worlds, was translated into the decision to reduce the whole construction to just 2 materials: the wood for the parts intended for the public, the galvanized metal for the spaces of the performing action.

Some moving scenic elements were detached from the scenography during the performance, completing the fusion between theatrical settings and spectators.

Prototyped and self-built in the Open Design School laboratory, it consisted of a modular three-dimensional grid -according to which the pieces can be dismantled and reconfigured infinite times- and site-specific wooden stalls and platforms created by recovering previous set-up.

They involved in the team inclusive design experts to carry out a series of actions aimed to suggest a method to make the cultural offer accessible to all and demonstrate how real accessibility is possible through the use of specific tools and best practices.

Author Open Design School
Co-creators Bruno Soriato (scenographer), l’Albero theater Company,
James Bonas (director)
Location Tre Torri Square, Matera, Italy
Year 2019
Collaborators Cristina Amenta, Joseph Geoffriau
Metal installation Lukas Weghwerth
Client Compagnia Teatrale L’Albero
Surface 600 sqm

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