by Martín Peláez Estudio

Puzzle Greenhouse is a multipurpose space designed to host different activities in the Fundaland kindergarten, within the A LA PAR Foundation.

It is made up of two elements, container and content, a greenhouse and a puzzle. The greenhouse is shaped like a little house, a white structure formed from a series of parallel steel porticoes with a single type of section.

Its envelope is translucent and transparent depending on its sides and its orientation generating an interior atmosphere full of lights and shadows, glare and reflections. Two large doors allow the flexibility of the content as well as the ventilation of the space.

The puzzle forms are wooden boards with different colours and geometric shapes, whose legs with wheels allow movement and re-configuration in different uses and situations.

The atomization of these pieces produces a “confetti” effect that plays between inside and outside in a free way. Same coloured boards are equipped to become carriers of large plants that move around the room to give shade or privacy. A dreamlike place where the material and the immaterial converge.

A project by Francisco Peláez, Ainhoa Martín
Location Madrid, SP
Year 2021
Surface 35 sqm  
Collaborator Fundalad Staff
Client A LA PAR foundation
Photography © photo credits Amores Pictures

On Loop Turó Blau Greenhouse for plants and humans

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