Revitalization of Old Glassworks

The project lies in the transformation of the Old Glassworks and its neighboring public spaces, to create a vibrant hub for local culture. 


The project along with its adjoining streets and squares, brings new high-quality public spaces to the Ptuj's old town center.

These spaces serve as a link between the castle hill, town, and river, fostering a vibrant city. Two key focal points are the more formal Vrazov trg square, the epicenter for cultural events.

The challenge lies in designing for highly diverse user groups with varying and unpredictable needs.


The spaces within the new complex needed to offer maximum flexibility, accommodating various unconventional uses.

The integration is evident as in the corridor illuminated by a longitudinal skylight that demarcates that offers a view of the old city tower.

Both halls can fully open on different occasions, seamlessly connecting to the courtyard. 

The buildings aesthetic is deeply rooted in a tectonic logic.

The selection of materials is inspired by diverse character of the old city center, incorporates existing elements, to honor the area's heritage, and  traditional color palette. This sustainable choice embraces simplicity, highlighting the fundamental elements of walls, cornices, and roofs.


Location Ptuj, SLO
Year 2023
Collaborator architect Marko Primažič
Structural engineer Marko Pavlinjek
Electrical engineer Jakob Lovšin
Mechanical engineer Bojan Mehle

Client Municipality of Ptuj
Program Cultural and community centre, open public space
Photography © Miran Kambič, Matev
ž Zalar


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