Ronda House

For HANGHAR, designing a home is an exercise of limited resources, in which the reduction of spatial, material and technological solutions allows the maximum flexibility of use.

HANGHAR is an architectural practice based in Madrid, and founded by Eduardo Mediero.

The project, the renovation of an existing 85m2 apartment in Murcia, Spain, is conceived as an open and undefined system capable of functioning as a backdrop to whoever inhabits it. A propositional system, not a limiting one.

HANGHAR has conducted other housing projects such as First House. View the project here.

The home distances itself from fixed and conventional distributions through the linkage of a series of rooms that are programmatically generic but spatially specific.

Spatially, the project is resolved through an asymmetric grid that organises and articulates the given space.

Each room, of rectangular proportions, is connected with each other through a series of large, central apertures, creating a spatial enfilade that communicates all spaces and establishes a visual continuity amplifying the space whilst diluting its use limits.

Ronda’s material palette is direct and bare. The floor erases any sense of scale while the ceiling presents itself ornamentally baroque as a result of the splashed plaster’s imprecision.

The cooking area, covered in mirrors, simply disappears. Even though the project’s aesthetics could be described as aseptic, the project’s interior architecture is reduced not as a response to newly defined sanitary standards but social ones.

For the author, this recalls Beatriz Colomina’s analogies between the Modern Movement and 20th century pandemics.

The Ronda House is an ambiguous system capable of serving the inhabitant it receives, without projecting fixed and immovable living definitions.

Author HANGHAR (Eduardo Mediero)
Location Murcia, Spain
Year 2020
Client Private
Surface 85 sq.m.
Photography Luis Díaz Díaz

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