Santa Cruz
by João Nuno Macedo and Ricardo Silva

The original buildings, located in Braga, Portugal, were two single-story houses, unproportioned in the street context.

The street was characterised by a cold, gray and misfit appearance in its constituent buildings, with decontextualised images and striking façades.

The buildings in the area ranged from typical historic buildings to others that were more contemporary or pointed towards that intention.

João Nuno Macedo’s idea was to simplify using clean and sober lines, something that would find itself without emphasis; something light; something that would adapt to the immense possible futures that the street may have.

The Braga-based practice has developed other similar interventions in original buildings, such as the Casa Monshenor Airosa.

The building appears as a volume at the street level that gets suspended in its inner quarter over the basement floor. In short, it is a suspended volume without interfering with the neighboring ones.

Where the parking lot is located.

Designed for and targeting a university market, its interior is defined by a simple concept: apartments with a simple set of plans, and other more avant-garde elements working in perfect harmony.

Through the use of color, a sense of living is provoked.

According to authors, this “doesn’t cause restrictions but turns the place fluid to the several contexts this typology might have.”

For the authors, it felt imperative to attribute character to this interior space, enabling to be someone’s space, this should be the space that allows them to feel as their own place, their home for the time being.

Someone who is starting a new academic or professional life or even just passing temporarily,

Authors João Nuno Macedo, Ricardo Silva
Surface 1297 sqm
Location Braga, Portugal
Year 2016-19
Photography Ivo Tavares Studio

Casa Monsenhor Airosa Jean Moulin Atelier-House FPA Francesca Pasquali Archive Villa Bloch Bakkedragetb Le Pré aux Pierres Triplex Ampere First House

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