by Stichting Schoonschip

The residents were free to pick an individual architect to design their house.

Schoonschip articulates off-grid, decentralised and renewable solutions to water, energy and waste systems.

where residents can trade energy and submersed heat exchangers for heating and cooling

On a small scale, Schoonschip explores innovative solutions to some of the global challenges, including water scarcity and drought, extreme rainfall and flooding, and rising sea levels.

Author Stichting Schoonschip
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year 2010 - ongoing
Collaborators BartelsVedder, De Regie,  Diemer Notariaat,
Eba Advies, Amsterdam Municipality, Cor Goudriaan, 
Greenchoice, Greencrowd, Greenspread, GridFriends, Van Grieken,
Hekkelman, Horlings, LBP Sight, Lubbers & Dijk, Metabolic,
Next Urban Mobility, Orange Clover, Esther Roos, RVO, SBR Curnet,
SEV, Space&Matter, Spectral, Stijl Advocaten, Swart, Treedelft,
Triodos, Vermande Consult, Waterloft, Waternet.
Photographer Jan Willem Sieburgh (1) Isabel Nabuurs (2-8)


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