Sequence House
by gon architects and Ana Torres

The traditional structure of Madrid's flats is the starting point for this house for a single person located in an apartment building in the Malasaña district.

A system of load-bearing walls parallel to the facade enclosing a set of rooms of different sizes that revolve around interior courtyards and are both isolated and connected by a corridor.

Designed by gon architects and Ana Torres, the most singular physical and measurable characteristic of the house is its length.

From one end of the house to the other there are 21 linear meters that give the clue to the intervention to be carried out.

Their aim was to enhance this condition. The floor plan of the project is the result of a complete emptying of the house, organising the domestic space into a single atmosphere.

Compatible with the spatial strategy of the walls of the initial state.

In other words, the pre-existing system of contiguous rooms is re-established except that, in this second life, they are projected with a greater dimension and connected to each other, ensuring the unity and continuity between the parts.

Consequently, new topological and programmatic relationships result in a free and fluid domestic space, a liquid one, where research is carried out on the concept of ‘staying’ through the construction of scenarios of the habitat linked to basic actions.

Cooking, sleeping, resting, working, relating and cleaning and caring for the body.

The corners of the rooms, formerly cul de sacs, are understood as areas of opportunity to experiment through visual elements that turn the space into a curve.

These elements constitute, through the use of colour and lighting, in a symbolic way, the place where an action takes place.

These spaces shape a domestic production that, on a continuous wooden floor, besides understanding and enhancing the dwelling as a living place, also allows the house to be explained as a succession of contemporary narratives.

The house articulates transversal and longitudinal routes, public and private, that can be constantly reconfigured according to the needs of its owner.

Facilitating, against the exclusive domestic functionalism, the dream of living.

Authors gon (Gonzalo Pardo) + Ana Torres
Team Alejandro Sánchez, Carlos Barranco, Clara Dios
Location Madrid, Spain
Year 2020
Client Private
Collaborators Serviteco Obras s.l (Construction), Alma Ebanistería s.l (Carpentry),
delSer s.a. (Flooring), Barronkress s.l (Kitchen), Oliva Iluminación s.a (Lighting)
Surface 124 sqm
Photography Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

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