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Paf atelier is supporting fashion designer Louis Gabriel Nouchi, by partnering him in the production of the set design for the 2024 collection show, presented at Paris Fashion Week in June 2023. L.G.N. competed for the Grand Prix at the Andam Fashion Awards in the week following the show.

This ambitious project had to adapt to the constraints of the venue: the mezzanine floor open space of the Palais Tokyo, not least the need to succeed in imposing itself under the high ceiling.

In order to produce this design in a short space of time, the studio favored the use of elements that were already in stock, and in sufficient quantity, to design a coherent project. In addition, technical constraints such as the feasibility of assembly were taken into account to optimize the installation in less than a day.

The metal sheets, previously used at the Nike festival, have been assembled directly in the storage space to avoid transport to a production workshop and  reduce CO2 emissions. This new assembly was also designed to fit perfectly into a single transport to the venue.

The installation was optimised to minimise the amount of hardware required, using a hanging system with straps so that everything could be reused later. The straps punctuate the back of the structure, visible from the staircase, with little orange accents that stand out against the sobriety of the steel.

The set design was conceived as a stage that changed to the rhythm of the collections as they passed by, reflecting the silhouettes. The sobriety and minimalism that define the structure echo the elegance of the clothes on show, and draw the eye to them.

A project by Paf atelier
Location Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
Year 2023
Event Fashion week 2023
Client LGN - Louis Gabriel Nouchi
©photo credits Christopher Barraja, Charles Duc

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