Small Tables and Light on a Rock
by Quinzii Terna

Objects are not born by chance. Objects are found. Objects can have new life. Objects are individuals. Objects carry on places. Objects keep each other company. Objects are made of materials.

What once was the plane of a dresser; some marbles, discarded in a quarry because broken unpredictably; electric elements of lamps no longer working: can something be done?

Small linear metal structures re-read their use, supporting new usages without erasing their shape. Something reminiscent of the mountain, in the simple relationship with matter, making the best of what is available to respond to necessity.

Small Tables and Light on a Rock are simple objects that will never be identical, only the process will be the same, the shape will be random.

Is it possible to propose unique objects by standardising only the process? Can this concept be combined with the ecological idea of regenerating objects?

These are partial objects, unique numbers of an unfinished process (or, maybe, finished).

The project is a collection of objects that are to be used inside and outside, trying to reduce the limit between these two spaces.

Author Quinzii Terna Architecture
Daniele Iodice

House N

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