The Bellhop Hotel
by local

The Bellhop Hotel project consists of the transformation of the typical Dutch townhouse into a hotel, located in Rotterdam and designed by the architecture office local.

This is one of the first projects completed by the new firm, local, founded by Elida Mosquera and Jerome Picard.

This hotel was initiated by their childhood friends Zetsia, Franton and Yu-Meng, dreaming of their own unique place in a thriving Rotterdam.

The clients were three childhood friends dreaming of a new place that blend scandinavian and caribbean influence in their city and the architects love that ambition.

“We wanted a place with coffee, lunch and a simple dinner. Organic, unlike any other, with Rotterdam products and for vegans and burger lovers”, says Zetsia. “We all grew up in Curaçao, so color is important to us.”

The architects transformed the typical corridors in action bands for moving, staying and sleeping inside. The full rehabilitation includes a new basement floor and a new 4th floor with a pitch roof.

The architects are now based in Paris and Bergen, so the project was only possible collaboratively, involving many people and a new working method, where virtual building-site visits became a daily reality.

The hotel has 15 rooms in 4 different sizes. It offers space for both single travelers and families.

The 15 rooms host from individuals to 4-people families, and the building includes an open kitchen, a restaurant, a bar and outdoor seatings

The ground floor is connected to one of Rotterdam's most lively streets with a reception and bar designed as a communal kitchen, and a floating “cloud” terrace with elements made of cork, while bringing lots of natural light down to the basement restaurant.

For Elida and Jerome it was quite unique to be able to come back to the city and contribute to the revival that Rotterdam is experiencing these last years.

The rooms combine comfort and convenience with bespoke design, in an optimally utilised space.

The tatami style cork and bamboo alcoves, turned the classic inner-city building into an oasis of tranquility. The room quite literally wraps itself around you like a comfy blanket, creating your own peaceful nook in the city

Custom fitted to the light and airy design of the rooms,

Author local (Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard)
Collaborators Grndpa, Depot Rotterdam, Zondervan architectuur, 3RW arkitekter
Client Zetsia Lobo, Franton Maria, Yu-Meng Braumuller
Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Year 2018-20
Surface 500 sqm
Photography Joey Van Dongen

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