The Halo House

The Halo House is a prototypical dwelling for contemporary work practices and the decentralization of the office program.

The Halo House maximizes a relatively small interior footprint of 1000 square feet.

The proximity of interior space to the landscape all work to imbue a sense of spaciousness in the efficient plan.

The house’s opaque living volume counterposes, the office one, wrapped in windows.


The open plan allows for maximum flexibility in the living while keeping the kitchen at the heart of all domestic activity, surrounding the office user with the landscape view.

The courtyard between these two units of the house becomes the third space - the lobby to the office and the foyer to the home.

Carefully positioned windows and skylights within the two volumes create choreographed dance of light throughout the day. 

The passage of the sun orchestrates the daily rhythm a guide for the user, thus it is an integral part of the home’s design.

The Halo House exemplifies a new standard in residential design, where functionality, comfort and connectivity to nature and site create enriching spaces. 

A project by hc.A
Location Mcanopy, Florida (USA)
Year 2020
Project Team Nicolas Rabinowitz, Peter Sprowls, & Ryan Van Middlesworth
Collaborator N/A
Builder Atlantic Design Homes 
Structural engineer Wayland Structural Engineering
Program Studio House
Area 1000 sq ft
Sponsors Vans, Chadi Dakmak, Neuce Ghana
Photography © courtesy of hc.A





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