Triangle house

Designed by NOTAN, Triangle House is an individual house for a small family, combining bold geometries and angled windows to generate specific spaces.

NOTAN OFFICE is a Brussels based architecture and urban design practice. This is the first all-new house they have built.

When entering, its triangular shape points towards the entrance opening up to the garden.

At first the client wanted a typical white villa (big window and plaster facade, straight angles). We ended up with a triangle with a quarter circle and many windows. He is very satisfied but was surely not expecting these results” NOTAN recounts

Five windows on a curved facade generate a continuously changing atmosphere. Outside a variable curvy shadow on the wall; inside an ever-varying light and multiple orientations.

From its lights and materials, the project vibrates with time and seasons. All react and reflect the environment.

Natural white bricks, diverse brick apparatus, corrugated anodised steel, natural aluminum frames, concrete and wood.

The combination of the circular façade with the triangular roof generates two covered terraces.

In concordance with the sun path the house avoids overheating in summer and comfort in winter.

The house is small and compact but generous. Half a square, the plan is an agglomeration of spaces, avoiding corridors. The living area is open while still capable of proposing more intimate zones thanks to the curve and the floating elements.

The chimney, the kitchen island or the wooden structural pillar articulates this fluid space.

With a ceiling bending from 2.5m to 4m height the living area is neither a loft nor a “classical” plan, the project combines the best of both worlds.

A buffer layer hosting the entrance, the circulation, the kitchen, the bathroom and all technical functions shield the house from the built environment, giving it increased independence.

Location Waterloo, Belgium
Year 2020
Client Private
Surface 225 sqm
Photography Nicolas Delaroche

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