Turó Blau
by Metronom Arquitectura

The project involved remodelling a 35 sqm penthouse before the arrival of a baby in the family. With this small-scale intervention, Metronom Arquitectura achieves a fluid, almost transparent space with two terraces. Corridors were removed, turning the intermediate areas into a succession of practical hybrid spaces that can be opened or closed through a large curtain.

Before the remodelling, the apartment was a series of closed-off spaces. The design goal was to transform this sequence of inefficient space into a versatile area connecting the two terraces. The succession of intermediate spaces -kitchen, bathroom, shower, studio, wardrobe and baby’s room- can now be opened or hidden behind the curtain that spans the flat from side to side, showcasing the potential of your own spaces.

The curtain, a key element of the project, not only provides versatility to the small-35sq flat but also creates a comforting textile background throughout the space. Despite the limited budget, the kitchen and other elements of the apartment have been designed with adaptability and comfort in mind.

A blue floor pavement gives the flat a strong character, combining white walls, ceilings, and appliances. The curtain is present throughout the flat, from the kitchen to the bedroom, where it catches the wardrobe.

The bathroom is divided into two spaces in this sequence of areas connecting the two terraces.

The flat has been treated as an essential white canvas, where low-budget details try not to compete with the other elements of the apartment. The entire project is limited to the use of 3-4 materials. 

A project by Metronom Arquitectura
Location Barcelona, ES
Year 2023
Project Team Albert Casas, Frederic Villagrasa, Maria Amat, Nuria Cánovas
Developer NHOOD Services Hungary Ltd.
Builder DOS4
Penthouse apartment
Area 35sqm
 © photo credits Adriana Eskenazi

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