NINE associati & OFL architecture

"UN ORTO DI NOME EVA" is the new installation designed by NINE associati and OFL architecture in a school courtyard in Sora, FR. 

The project is consisting of a systematic set of seven “learning by doing” areas which, are made up of independent modules that can be reassembled to transform the long-abandoned courtyard within the Istituto Comprensivo 2 of Sora (Italy), into an always reconfigurable open-air laboratory.

The areas deliberately provide a totally analogue experience which potentially could be integrated  with digital interactive devices and sensors.

"UN ORTO DI NOME EVA", which name is a tribute to Eva Mameli Calvino, was designed as a permanent but transformable and expandable over time installation, within the courtyard of the school.

Accordingly to teaching activities, modules can be easily moved into one of the twelve buildings that are part of the Institute, or into a city square during public events, to allow the school to interact with the city and strengthen the bond with the community.

The project brings together environmental education, promotion of health and well-being, and interdisciplinary learning, guaranteed by what is an active laboratory.

Children are challenged with concepts related to biology, chemistry and mathematics in a practical and concrete way.

A project by NINE associati & OFL architecture
Project Team Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Francesco Lipari, Michael F. Lo Bianco
Collaboration Marianna Di Cocco
Location Sora (FR), Italy
Year 2023
Manufacturer PIÙ CASA srl
Client Istituto Comprensivo Sora 2
Area 120 sq m
Photography © Michele Boccia

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